About Us

Wei Bo Associates HK, Ltd. Strategy & Focus

Wei Bo Associates HK, Ltd. is a privately held, Hong Kong registered company.

Founded in 2014 by industry veterans to provide RF & Microwave products designed, developed, and manufactured within Asia targeting a global clientele of OEMs.

Offer cutting edge, world class RF & Microwave products from the comfortable confines of the world's most customer friendly business environment. "No hassles, no bureaucratic headaches, no twenty questions." Just fast, polite customer service and an ironclad customer satisfaction guarantee.

Wei Bo Associates's founders have over 50 years RF & MW business experience and understand what customer value: Performance, Quality, Price & Reliable Service.

Over the past decade OEMs in the RF & MW market place have become victimized by large scale, industrial consolidation fueled by numerous central banks "easy money policies" and real negative interest rates. Instead of employing such easily accessible currency to fund traditional research & development efforts, the vast majority of firms have instead launched into stock buy back programs or acquisitions, neither of which actually grows the overall market nor advances the technology. While this process does enrich the supplier's Board of Directors and senior management staff, it does little for the customers or the employees. Despite claims to the contrary, recent history proves this industry consolidation process actually leads to supply disruptions, higher prices and tremendous increases in the level of uncertainty of future support. Further, the associated sea changes in personnel and process equipment creates a breeding ground for quality problems. In the end, the customers and the employees are the real victims of this process.

Wei Bo Associates HK, Ltd. was founded as a privately owned entity, with zero debt, and registered in one of the most business friendly legal environments to combat this unhealthy trend. Wei Bo Associates HK, Ltd. offers RF & Microwave OEMs a way out of this matrix and into an alternative reality.

Manufacturing Facility

Wei Bo Associates' production facility is located in Malaysia and has over 25 years experience building RF modules, components, diodes, coaxial packages for several top RF & MW semiconductor OEMs.

Over 25 years experience in high volume RF & MW component and subsystem assemblies.

Provides full range of assembly processes: ceramic, plastic, glob top & metal can.

Wire bonding services

Wafer sawing, probing, mapping & Waffle packing

Full RF Testing

Packing Options: tape & reel, tubes, trays, gel packs

Facility: 21,600 sq ft

Manufacturing: 53
Quality: 7